Downtown Los Angeles Street Style

Even if you live in Downtown LA, the constant movement and immense size can become overwhelming. For any photographer trying their hand at Los Angeles street style, shot choices become a game of shifting through the constant noise and motion. This, along with a good eye for detail, strategic lighting and portable equipment, proved useful during my shoot with Sophia Esperanza & Perfect Number


During my shoot, I knew I would need to move quickly. Clunky equipment is the kiss of death for a good DTLA shoot, since moments come and go so quickly. A perfect scene could change in an instant, so there's no time to waste setting up and tearing down. My Canon 5D Mark IV provides a combination of convenient size and adaptable settings, but my light rig makes the real difference.


Los Angeles's diverse architecture gives limitless inspiration for street style photographers, but lighting can get tricky. The Perfect Number shoot went from 4:30 pm to 7 pm. I had the sunset advantage, but adding an artificial light source was key. Profoto's B10 portable strobe and beauty dish balance professional quality and ease of use. My equipment should never cost me any shots, and these two allows me to minimize time spent worrying about that instead of the client.


A fashion shoot require me to work within a pre-planed vision. As Perfect Number's wardrobe specialist, Paulina had three outfits for model Sophia Esperanza to wear during the shoot. My own creative input comes from my shot composition. I use Los Angeles's whirlwind of activity to my advantage. The constantly-changing setting creates one-in-a-million shots. From predicting how the light will move to capturing split-second scenery, it's about spotting the perfect storms as they happen.


It's almost impossible to repeat a street fashion shoot. It's incredibly satisfying to walk away knowing you captured some moments no one else can. That specific angle you found right as the 18-wheeler blocks out the sun is yours! You were the one who noticed the letters on the florescent sign that turned back on! That's what keeps me excited about street style shoots. I'll always have new moments to capture. With the right equipment and a strategic eye, Los Angeles street style is the gift that keeps on giving.