We hit downtown Long Beach at Golden Hour. Shooting in the moment and flowing through the city was amazing because you begin to truly vibe with the city and shoot all the emotion you feel as you stroll through town. For the most part we received positive energy from Long Beach and all the pedestrians, however I think it would have been impossible to finish without a few cat-calls, but nothing Nadia wasn't ready for or used to!

Gold Struck, our stylists absolutely killed these looks!! Loved teaming up with her on this special project. Check out her out here!

Q&A w/ Nadia Mejia:

1.How did you feel about the street-style 90’s inspired shoot in Long Beach? 

So much fun! I am a 90's baby so the styling was epic.

2. What do you like most about shooting freely on the street?

The men hooting and whistling at me. It's my favorite...kidding. Hahahah, I honestly just love doing what I love in places that I love and the streets of DTLB are so artsy and fun.

3. What type of inspiration do you gain most from visiting a new city? 

I just love appreciating God's creation all of the time. Different people, scenery, & weather all inspire me!

4. What is your favorite thing about modeling? 

The networking! Meeting incredible people. Chris was so fun to work with! Down to earth and talented ❤❤❤