Julian Hernandez(Mr. Julls) shot In NYC

1. What is your favorite city and why? 

NYC for sure! I get a very special feeling every time I'm in NYC that I never get anywhere else. It feels like home in a (good) weird way. But what I really like the most about NYC is that I get so inspired by the people there! 

2. How did you get started in your career? 

I've always been interested in fashion so I started by sharing my outfits on Instagram very early when Instagram wasn't even a thing. Then I started blogging as a hobby and a year later my blog started growing and I started earning money from it. Then I realized that I had a chance to really do what I always wanted to do so I kept blogging and growing as a mens wear influencer in Scandinavia, got recognized for my sense of style and here I am today. Now I'm my own brand and I work as a stylist for different artists and tv shows in Sweden. 

3. What has been the single greatest contributor to your success?

I think that it has been my will to really show the Scandinavian guys a different way to style your looks. Also thinking outside of the box and not doing to what everybody else does which is very common here in Sweden. 

4. What are some of your favorite brands to wear right now and why?

I would say, The Cords & Co, Tiger of Sweden and H&M.