Andreas Wijk - In Stockholm

Stockholm is a very beautiful city. Mostly consists of little islands connected by bridges. I met up with Fashion Blogger/Singer Andreas Wijk to shoot some images for the brand Boomerang. Along with this photo session is a little Q&A 

1. Andreas, who really inspires you and why?

- When I get the question about my biggest fashion inspiration I’m never able to mention one icon or a big inspiration. Since I started working in fashion my inspiration comes from everything around me. People on the streets, old photos of my parents, friends or just new places. Everything can inspire me, but I don’t have ONE person who inspires me like that.

2. What advice do you have for new people trying to get their fashion blog noticed

- Try to be personal. Be consistent. I had to fight for a long time before this became my job. I’m so happy I didn't stop when things got tough. 

3. What do you love most about your job?

- That my everyday life is so different. One day I can travel the world, the next day I can have a typical office day,  or the next just hanging out with great people. 

4. What is your favorite city in the world?

Stockholm and New York are my two favorite cites in the world. Hoping to spend a longer period of time in the big apple soon!

5. What are your goals and big plans for 2017?

- I hope 2017 is the year I will release my first music after years of working hard… When it comes to fashion I want to continue to work with big campaigns and fun clients. Can’t wait for 2017!